Database Backup

 Brief: this feature enables the admin to fully backup the database or one of its tables. It allows the admin as well to copy the database in CSV format, and download it to the device or save it on server. 

To backup the database, follow the below: 

From Cpanel, select Tools> then Database Backup as the picture below: 

 The picture below will appear: 


As shown above, database backup has three methods; (Copy one table or select multiple ones to be backed up, Backup the database to a file on Server, and CVS Backup to a certain Database Table). 

-First Method: Beneath the box (Database tables to be included in Backup): 

Select the tables that you want to back up, then press (Download) and they will be downloaded to your device. 

Noting that PHP database is only recommended for only small backups as timeouts may occur within 30 seconds so that the backup may be incomplete. Using the server or shell for this command is more preferable. 


-Second method: Beneath the box ( Backup the database to a file on the server): 

 Through which you can copy a full database backup to a folder on the server, then press (Save) and it will be saved on the server. 

Warning: the backup file will be saved to the folder ‘contents/backup’, which means that anyone can download the file. It is recommended to choose a more secure folder to store the backup and ensure that there is an empty ‘index.htm’ file inside the folder. 

Permission 777 has be given to ‘contents/backup’ folder. 


-Third Method: Beneath the box ( CVS Backup to a certain Database Table): 

Through which, you can backup database tables in CSV format, and set the separator character. In addition to activating or deactivating adding names to the downloaded tables. Then press (Download) to save tables in CSV format. 

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