Cloud Servers

Subscribe to Dimofinf Cloud servers now and enjoy the latest cloud hosting technologies available in the market, in addition to, the best performance, highest uptime, security and distinctive 24/7 technical support.


Why Dimofinf cloud server hosting?

SSD Drives

Our servers are 100% built on SSD drives which provide great speed with regards to accessing data and executing queries on databases as well as improving performance in general for the operating system and software.


Cloud service hosting provide the possibility of Failover which means that if the hosting container malfunctions, the server will start working on another container immediately in a matter of minutes.

Full control

Cloud servers control panel offers you great features with regards to controlling your server from anywhere with features like (restarting, safe mode,… etc) as well as providing you with remote access for Linux and Windows OS.

Fast communication networks

Cloud servers operate on extremely fast and strong communication network which is geographically connected to more than 57 communication points as the server is connected to a G1 connection line with plans starting from TB4 and up to TB10.

Cloud Server Hosting Plans

Cloud - Advanced

Starting from 105.00$/Month

  • RAM8GB

  • CPU8Core

  • Disk Space160GB

  • Traffic10000GB

Cloud - Starter

Starting from 75.00$/Month

  • RAM2GB

  • CPU2Core

  • Disk Space60GB

  • Traffic6000GB

Server Management Plans

Dimofinf provide hosting cloud server management to suit all sites and available in several levels of service

Basic server management

• Solving hardware problems like RAM and hard disk malfunctions with free replacement.
• Solving network problems as well as providing security and maintenance periodically.
• Server log in data restoration if lost.
• Solving operating system not working problems.

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Advanced server management – Level 1

• Transferring client websites, installation, checking and making sure the data was transferred correctly.
• checking and filtration system from Dimofinf for pages to protect them against cyber, piracy and fraud attacks.
• Constant monitoring of the server and services through Dimofinf monitoring system.
• Installing Cache system to get the best performance with regards to browsing.

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Advanced server management – Level 2

• Windows servers with different services.
• Website or service load balancing over several servers (Load Balancing).
• High uptime / availability for the server and services related to it.
• Database servers and balancing their loads.
• Files and data management servers such as (NAS).
• Temporary storing servers (Cache Servers).

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