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Get your own server now in the best and latest data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enjoy the strongest specifications and the latest technologies at the best prices

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Dedicated Hosting Features

Providing RAID technique if needed

Protection against DDOS attacks

Ability to update servers specifications

Dimofinf Special Monitoring System

Free SEO Tools

Free SSL certificates

Geographical DNS distribution

Advanced network-level protection system

The largest data center in the KSA

The average support speed is 10 min

Root permissions for unmanaged servers

Provides the latest hardware Specs

Saudi Servers
  • Files management

    Easy to control and manage files through the file manager without the need for intermediate programs

  • Email Accounts

    Ability to create unlimited number of email accounts, and control the properties of mail accounts

  • Security

    The control panel provides many site protection tools and blocking harmful connections

  • Multilingual

    Ease of choice among nearly 30 different languages, including Arabic

You are special with VIP System

  • * Special Offers discounts exclusively for you and your friends.
  • * Free SEO basics + Adwords ads for only 100$.
  • * Account Manager + to manage your account and your full support team.
  • * Advanced plan of protection against DDOS Attacks + CXS.

Web Advanced Management levels Comparison

Frequent Question of Saudi Servers

It is a service provided by Dimofinf that allows your website to be hosted in KSA, which is considered as the most suitable hosting service for official Saudi institutions.

Definitely, there is a great benefit from Saudi dedicated servers offered by Dimofinf, as it contributes to your website browsing speed specifically in KSA. It also helps in archiving your website in Google search engine and gives it the priority to be firstly displayed through Saudi Google search engine (google.com.sa).

Dimofinf supports free various security layers for managed Saudi dedicated servers. The first layer analyses all incoming connections to detect any early intrusion. Moving to the second layer, it depends on exploring any malicious files in case the hacker passes the first layer which is farfetched. Additionally, the third layer prevents any possible damage caused by passing the first and second layers. It is worth to mention that there are numerous layers that have a great role beside the three main ones.

We are using a whole new hardware dealing with the best-known brands. The hosted websites are displayed through NXME hardware to secure the best performance and highest speed. Besides, hardware is frequently tested to check performance, ensure its validity and replace it once needed.

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