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Enjoy the most powerful V.P.S servers from Dimofinf with the best performance, highest availability، protection and technical support throughout the day 24/7.



  • CPU 2 coreRAM 2 GB
  • Traffic 8 TBHDD 40 GB
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  • CPU 2 coreRAM 4 GB
  • Traffic 10 TBHDD 40 GB
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  • CPU 2 coreRAM 8 GB
  • Traffic 10 TBHDD 80 GB
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Server managment free level

  • * Reinstalling the Operating System
  • * Solving hardware problems
  • * Solving system boot problems
  • * Recovery of system data
  • * Resolve network problems
  • * Technical Support 24\7\365

Get the features that are compatible with your website

Cloud servers & VPS servers

cloud servers

Cloud server features :

  • * Enjoy non-stop website - uptime 100%
  • * Get your own server and no one will share it with you.
  • * Provide several plans for the right, suitable choice of your site.
  • * Get free features like (SSL certification, protection from a DDOS attack, KVM Virtualization, high availability)
VPS Hosting

VPS server features :

  • * Enjoy non-stop website - uptime 99%.
  • * Get higher specifications than shared hosting.
  • * VPS servers prices are better than cloud servers and dedicated servers.
  • * Free features like (SSL certification, protection from DDoS attack).

VPS Servers Features

DDOS protection

Dimofinf provides protection against attacks on several levels and types such as (volume Based - protocol attack application layer) free of charge for intermediate attacks with no additional cost, Providing your site with protection from these attacks that may harm and lose the confidence of its visitors. Other solutions are available for high-intensity attacks at competitive prices.

SSL Certificates

we are fully aware of the importance of security and encryption of communication between your visitor and your site, so we provide free protection certificates to protect your data and gain the confidence of visitors and search engines.

SSD Drives

Our servers are built 100% on SSD disks, providing super speed data access (read and write data on the hard drive), execution of database queries and overall performance improvement of the operating system and software, which means better performance for your site and a noticeable difference.

Best time for processing

Can't wait to get your own server? In Dimofinf, we prepare and configure your V.P.S server in a record time not exceeding two hours this time also includes server processing with the security settings required to operate the server securely and stable.

Full control

You can control the work environment or even increase or reduce the number of layers of protection by yourself or if you get an advanced management service, we will be happy to Perform the modifications required for you to Not interfere with cPanel programming.

Fast communication networks

Integrated with Cloudflare, dramatically improves website performance through their global CDN and web optimization features.

Technical support

Our Technical support team available throughout the day with less than 10 minutes average response rate per request we also monitor your server performance all the time.

Free DNS Hosting

We offer free DNS hosting for your website on our globally, distributed DNS clusters, which ensure the highest possible DNS stability.

Best time for processing

Full control

Fast networks

Technical support

Free DNS Hosting

DDOS protection

Free SSL

SSD Drives

VPS server management levels Comparison

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