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SSL Certificates

SSL “Secure Sockets Layer” Certificates can protect your data and your clients' data. It also helps raise your website ranking in search engines

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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates Details

24\7 Unlimited SSL Expert Support

(SHA-2 & 2048-bit) Encrypt transmitted data

Increase the ranking of your website in Google

Up to $1M USD warranty

99+% browsers compatibility

Displays a security stamp on your website

SSL Certificate
  • 1

    When the visitor clicked on an SSL secured link, the certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection between it and the browser.

  • 2

    You will notice that the “Https” protocol appears above the browser (in a green lock), which means that your data is secure

  • 3

    All transmitted data and passwords between the browser and the website are now in encryption mode, which cannot be obtained by hackers.

why ssl

Why do you need SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates provide the website visitors with the utmost level of security. It will boost the visitors’ confidence in the website as proof of website security. It will also enable the encryption of the data transmitted between your web server and the visitors’ web browsers to provide protection against any threat from a third party.

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Important questions about SSL Certificates.

No, it can even install a security certificate on your hosting account without our having a special IP or a special server.

The security certificate encrypts the data sent and received between the visitor and the site, which means that it protects only against Sniffers / Man-in-the-middle attacks, which view the contents of the data sent, and thus capture passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

The issued security certificate can not be issued for less than one year.

The domain name can not be changed after issuing the certificate.

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