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Dimofinf with commercial registrar numbered 1010213247 is a pioneering company in information technology field with more than 20 years' experience. Dimofinf provides innovative technology solutions in order to optimize quality and facilitate procedures to be compatible with KSA technology vision 2030. All of that is achieved through offering web development solutions, mobile applications, websites hosting, and digital marketing. We help you to start your technology journey with Dimofinf starting from the stage of idea creation till designing and execution.

Our Vision

Dimofinf aims at being the main reason of Technology Development and Digital Transformation in the Arab world. We help our customers by providing them with all services in order to achieve their goals and create new opportunities. So that, our customers are our success partners.

Our Mission

Dimofinf seeks to provide the best of Technology and Digital Transformation services in Arabic language at competitive prices. We strive to be your trusted destination to reach your targets .

  • Start The Story

    Dimofinf was established in Riyadh with providing softwares related to the web. the start was about 100 customers

  • First 500 customers

    The company had a significantly success because it wasn’t easy to build websites at this time, but we have facilitated it to the customers so the customers base increased to approximately 500 clients.

  • Combo time

    We have created a version of the combo, which is an upgraded version of the forums program vBulletin, as " Dimofinf " is the first to introduce this program in the Arab Nation, and Dimofinf was well known for this version.

  • Hosting Department

    A hosting services department have been established, shared hosting and private servers was the first services we start with, and it was established after the requests of our clients and then we had almost 1500 clients.

  • Infinity arabic CMS 1.0

    The first version of Infinity 1.0 was created as the first Arab company to offer the first Arab content management program, which has won the satisfaction of many customers and developers in the Arab countries and provide the service of the VPS. then we was serving approximately 5000 clients.

  • Infinity CMS 1.5

    Infinity has been working on the second version 1.5 and has been modified by a lot and developed by the department of programming and development in Dimofinf until the number of customers to approximately reached 7000 clients.

  • 15,000 Customers

    Infinity 2.0 Was released and later Infinity 2.5 And then establishment back up service as the first Arab company that provides this service. We made also a huge impact in hosting services and increased our clients to almost 15,000 clients.

  • Dimofinf CMS 3

    There was a different shift in the Infinity program and its name changed to Dimofinf because the program was reprogrammed from scratch in this version,"Dimofinf 3" received unprecedented acceptance in the Arab world.

  • Cloud Servers

    The Dimofinf added a new service in the field of web hosting which is Cloud Hosting. to keep up with the new technology and after many request from our clients to provide this service. in quick time, became one of the most services we have got a satisfaction of all of our clients, And the number of clients has been increased to nearly 25,000.

  • Dimofinf CMS 4

    In this period, Dimofinf has changed the concept of the internet through the fourth version of the program (Dimofinf 4) which achieved great success in the Arab Nation after developing it by the Dimofinf team and set up new plans to host sites, which led to increase our customers to nearly 27,000 clients.

  • The dream won't stop

    Dimofinf won the best and oldest hosting company in the Arab Nation and has the first Arab content management program with no competitor in Arab countries and serves to more than 35,000 clients. now Dimofinf is working on Dimofinf 5 CMS that will be announced soon.


Web Hosting

Dimofinf is the first provider of web hosting services since 1998. We host websites that qualify individuals and organizations to create websites for their companies and publish them on the Internet. The site is hosted on (Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Shared hosting, VPS Servers). Our servers are the best in the Arab world. Especially as we are accredited agents of the (Lease Web) which in Netherlands, we have one of the best Arab hosting teams, who work to protect our clients’ sites from all attacks that may harm their sites, and install all the programs that are on the site for protection and development permanently. Dimofinf won the confidence of more than 35,000 Arab.

Web Design

Dimofinf has a professional teamwork to design websites works to provide the level of service commensurate with the history of Dimofinf in the field of web design for more than 20 years. We provide web design service with the latest technologies and technical techniques, where we work on the study of the requirements of the client and the idea of the design and transformed into reality to achieve the best results and meet all the wishes and fully compatible with the rules of archiving and search engines compatible with all screens and browsers, Make sure that we always strive to provide a site design that really matches the category you are targeting, and all of that is beside the Dimofinf CMS, The first Arabic content management system which suitable for all websites.

Programming & Web Developing

Dimofinf is doing a conduct analysis and planning of the project is working on the latest techniques and methods of analysis to reach the optimal solution for each client, through our 20 years of experience in programming and developing websites we help our customers to understand the type of their site that will bring them more value and better results in the long term and commensurate with sophisticated software to help with this.

Digital Marketing

Dimofinf offers e-marketing services in an innovative and sophisticated manner where the best marketing team in the Arab world, who works on a successful developer and strategy in all sections of marketing plans (Social Media - SEO - Google Ads ... etc), And our main focus is the customer's goal of e-marketing and his products or services on digital marketing methods, We study product or service well and study competitors then work a clear business plan for each site alone in order to get a better result, Our first priority is to reach customers to the maximum expected success through our e-marketing plans.

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