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Dimofinf offers you the best new websites design at the best prices packages that suits you with professional experts in the web design field.

Full Website Design

Includes unlimited hosting + domain (com, net, org) + style
The entire website offer starts from $460 instead of $745

Design a complete online store

Includes Extreme plan + domain (com, net, org) + style
The entire store offer starts from $660instead of $1133

Find your Design

Find your Design

Company 9 Style

Company 8 Style

Learning Style

News Style

Real-estate 2 Style

Medical 5 Style

Shop13 Style

Medical 4 Style

Shop12 Style

Design and development websites

Design and development websites

Offers suitable for all individuals and companies



Secured Programming

Secure programming is a way of writing codes in a software so that it is protected from all kinds of vulnerabilities, attacks or anything that can cause harm to the software or the system using it


we provide a technical support after delivering the design so we have 24/7 support with professional tech and customer service team

Compatible Design

Websites that have been designed with browser compatibility in mind are free of errors and layout issues when displayed on different browsers

Latest Project we done

Latest Project we done

Our Clients

Our Clients

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