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Dimofinf offers one of the strongest and best servers which are best for large sites, many features and the latest technology

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Dual-CPU Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Hosting Features

The possibility of providing RAID technique

Protection against DDOS attacks

Ability to update your server specification

Dimofinf Special Monitoring System

Free SEO Tools

Free SSL certificates

DNS geographically distributed

Advanced network-level protection system

Authorized distributor of Leaseweb

The average response speed is 10 minutes

Root permissions for unmanaged servers

Provides the latest hardware specifications

Dedicated Servers
  • Files management

    Easy to control and manage files through the file manager without the need for intermediate programs

  • Email Accounts

    Ability to create unlimited number of email accounts, and control the properties of mail accounts

  • Security

    The control panel provides many site protection tools and blocking harmful connections

  • Multilingual

    Ease of choice among nearly 30 different languages, including Arabic

Web Advanced Management levels Comparison


Number of accounts on the server

Test the components of hardware

The solution of the problems of hardware

Solving network problems

Retrieve Login Data

Re-installation of the operating system

The Periodic System Updates

Firewall layer

Handle unexpected issues and gaps

Secure Operating System

Early detection layer

Brute force attack detection layer

Securing PHP Work Environment

Managing backup processes

Control records

Real server performance monitoring

Adjusting the database server

Cash systems

Adjust the performance of services

The transfer of websites from a different server

Installation of the custom software

Setup and Monitoring of The RAID array

The distribution of load balancing.

MySQL Clustering Technique

Database Gaps

Security check momentarily

Quarantine harmful files

Check the versions of the old applications

Check outbox email-(spam)

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