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Management Levels

Large websites require a hosting management levels that can endure intensive performance and consumption of server resources.

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management levels

Server managment free level

  • * Troubleshooting Hardware
  • * Troubleshooting Network
  • * Retrieving the login credentials
  • * Troubleshooting system boot failure
  • * Reload the operating system

Web server management levels Comparison

Features Basic management Advanced managment level 1 Advanced managment level 2
Test the components of hardware
Firewall layer
The solution of the problems of hardware
Solving network problems
Retrieve Login Data
Re-installation of the operating system
Database Gaps
Security check momentarily
Quarantine harmful files
Check outbox email-(spam)
Early detection layer
Brute force attack detection layer
The Periodic System Updates
Secure Operating System
Managing backup processes
Control records
Handle unexpected issues and gaps
Installation of the custom software
Real server performance monitoring
Securing PHP Work Environment
Adjusting the database server
Cash systems
The transfer of websites from a different server
Adjust the performance of services
Setup and Monitoring of The RAID array
The distribution of load balancing.
Check the versions of the old applications
MySQL Clustering Technique
Account Manager

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