Bookmark Manager


Brief: Bookmark Manager is one of the most important means that helps in spreading the website content in other platforms. Dimofinf has allowed this content to be published on (Google, Digg, Stumble Upon) , and you can add other websites. 


To reach the settings of Bookmark Manager, follow the below: 

From Cpanel, select Tools >then Bookmark Manager as shown in the below picture: 


You will be directed to the websites page as shown below: 

You can edit or delete any website by pressing the Edit or Delete icon. As well as, you are able to add a new website by pressing (Add New Bookmark Site).  

After adding a new bookmark site, the picture below will appear: 

Title: is the website name that you will add.  

Icon: put an icon to refer to the new added website, noting that you have to enter the icon path, and the default one is styles/default/img/bookmark

Link: enter the link of the bookmark website. 

Display Order: set the new bookmark website order beside other ones. 

Active: activate or deactivate the new bookmark website. 

Then press (Save)

After that, you can activate the showing of bookmark websites on the content, using (Turn Options on and off) from Dimofinf Setting, as shown below: 

From Cpanel > Dimofinf Setting> then Turn Options on and off. 

The bookmark website will appear as below: 

By pressing this icon, the content can be shared on any of these websites. 


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