Plugins Manager

Brief: Plugins manager is one of the most important tools that has been developed in Dimofinf CMS V.5. it becomes much easier to install and activate modules and plugins by selecting all and execute the action once. 


To control Plugins manager, follow the below: 

From the Cpanel, select Tools > then Plugins Manager , and the below options will show up as below: 

Installed: it shows the modules and plugins that have been already installed. 

Available: is used to show the available modules and plugins to be installed. 

Updates: shows the modules and plugins that need to be updated. 

Styles: shows the available styles. 

Store Latest: is used to show the recent modules and plugins added by Dimofinf. 

Help: is used if you need help or talk to the technical support. 

It becomes much easier for admin to filter the modules and plugins he is searching for: 

Additionally, you can search the plugin and module by name as the below picture: 

You can also select multiple modules and plugins to be installed or deactivated by one click using the Action list as the below picture: 

In front of each module and plugin, there are some easy-using and useful icons as the picture below: 

Setting Icon: it directs the admin to the module or plugin settings. 

Activate or Deactivate Icon: is used to activate or deactivate the module or plugin. 

Upgrade Icon: is used to upgrade the module or plugin. 

Uninstall Icon: is used to cancel the installation of the module or plugin. 

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