Brief: This feature helps the admin to double check every action related to website properly. As the admin can test PHP files, uploading and downloading files, sending messages to members, and all action that may be harmful for the website if they aren't taken. 

To test action, follow the below tutorial:  

From Cpanel> Tools> then> Diagnostics as the below picture: 

Press Diagnostics as the options will show up as below: 

Upload: this option is check the uploading action, as it inspects Dimofinf/PHP properties and if they any modification in order the uploading process to be tackled successfully.  

To start testing, upload the file by pressing (choose file) noting that the file will not be saved but only tested. 

Email: this option is used to check the action of sending and receiving emails properly. As it checks Dimofinf properties and PHP settings and if they need any modification.  

To test, enter your email making sure that this email is not the website one, then press (Send Email) 

Files/ Folders Permissions: is used to check Dimofinf files and folders and is they need any modifications in order to perform properly. 

To start testing, press (Submit) and the test result will be shown. 

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