Creating Disk Safes


Creating Disk Safes


  1. Login to the control panel

  2. From the left menu choose Disk Safes

  1. Choose Create New Disk Safe


A new page will appear, fill in the following fields in Identification tab

  • Name: Desired Disk Safe name or description

  • Agent: The server name to be backed up

  1. Adding limiting values for this Disk Safe, this is done from Limits tab

  • Allow File Excludes: Enable/disable file exclusion property

  • Allow Recovery Point Archiving: Enable/disable recovery points compression

  • Allow Control Panels: Enable/disable control panels

  • Replication Limit: Setting backup schedule (hourly, daily, weekly… etc.)

  • Recovery Point Limit: Setting the maximum number of recovery points

  • Archive Point Limit: Setting the maximum number of archive points

  • Quota Type: Used storage type (On Disk Size is the default value)

  • Soft /Hard Quota: Allowed quota value for each type, notice that you can choose suitable storage units such as TB, GB… etc.

  1. Press Save

  2. Press Manage Devices

  1. You will see the list of the available Partitions in your server, choose the partition you want to have it backed up by pressing 

  2. Press Save

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