User Functions

(verify_id($idname, &$id, $alert = true, $selall = false, $options = 0

This function is used to ensure the existence of the content in the database and back up it. If the content does not exist, the function will return “false”.  


-  idname$ (mandatory) : The name of the table that you search for in the database. 

-  id$ (mandatory) : The table value that you search for. 

-  alert$ (optional) : The value of boolean true/false, in case this parameter is set as “true”, the function will print out an error if the user does not exist

-  selall$ (optional) : The value of boolean true/false, to determine if all columns are fetched or not. 

-  options$ (optional) : It is set if the parameter $idname value is user to search in the user table, as it recalls the fetch_userinfo function in such a case. You can as well get back to it to figure out its parameter to identify the parameter benefits.



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