SMS Messages


Brief: you can send a message to only the registered members, on the condition that you follow the member that you want to send him a message or he is following your. 


Firstly: sending  a new message: 

You can send a new message using two methods: 

The first one: by using the member’s profile, on condition that you ask to follow him and he approves. Only in this case, the button (send a message) is displayed. 

And a template to write down the message will show up, so enter the message and press (send). 

The second one: from the list (my messages) at the website top, press (send new message). 

And then a template will show up as below: 

Write down the message and select the members that you want to contact. 

Press (submit) to send the message, or (reset) to re enter new data. 


Secondly: My messages list: 

This list is shown on the website headerm where you find the unread messages: 

Press the button (my messages) to be transferred to the messages page. 

This page includes messages and conversation between you and=d other members. 

-SMS Inbox: it includes a list of members' names that are exchanging messages, the number of those members is set by using the option (members number in the messages list existed in (notifications and messages settings). If the member' number exceeds the specified one, you can scroll to add more. 

To delete a full conversation, press the icon × in red colour, and all sent and received messages that relate to this member will be deleted.

-Conversation: it includes conversations and if  the number of displayed messages is larger than the set one, the button of (previous messages) is shown up and the button of (displayed messages) and their number. 

Two icons are shown up when you pass by the message square:

Icon ×: to delete the selected message. 

Green circle icon: to confirm that the message is (seen). 


To reply to any message, write down the message text and press (submit


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