Time and Date Functions

DIM_date($format, $timestamp = TIMENOW, $doyestoday = false, $datemethod ="", $adjust = true, $gmdate = false)

This function is used to back the date to the format that you want or as per as time and date format in Dimofinf settings. 


-  format$ (obligatory) : the time format that you want to be displayed.

-  timestamp$ (optional) : the time inTime Stamp format.

-  doyestoday$ (optional) : The value boolean true/ false, its activation leads the time format to be displayed as (yesterday, 12pm) instead of the full form. 

-  datemethod$ (optional) : The mechanism of managing the month's9 name displaying whether coptic or hijri. 

-  $adjust (optional ) : The value boolean true/ false, if it is activated, the date is adjusted considering the city time difference. 

-  gmdate$ (optional) : The value boolean true/ false, the time format GMT/UTC




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