Collective Importing


Brief: collective importing enables you to import the content by uploading it to the folder (temp) in modules (images, cards, mobile, video and audio). 


To import the content, upload it to the coming path: contents/temp/, so the whole path is contents/temp/namefolder

1- login to the control panel. 

2- from the list “modules”, select the required module “mobile”, then “collective importing” as the picture below: 

3- Or from the modules list, select “album, then “list sections” as the picture below: 

4- press the icon “collective importing” in front of the required section as shown in the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 

Folder path name: the folder that its content is imported. 

User: enter the membership number that you wanted to add the content, the membership name will appear once the number is changed.

Section: enter the section in which the content is included, as well as, it is chosen in “list sections step”. 

Title prefix: any added prefix here, will be added to the title of imported items. If this field is empty, the imported content title is the same one of the file. 

Automatic serial numbering: if you add a name to the prefix title, a serial number is added to the end of this title. 

Allow Comments: allow or disallow the members and visitors to comment on the content. 

Status: this option is to set the content status whether it is published, rejected, or pending. To display the content, choose “published”. 

Publishing Date: manage the publishing date that is shown with the content on the homepage. 

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