Module Brief


Brief: this module saves much effort for technical business as it checks and tracks the issues reasons, so that they are solved by fewer steps using less time and effort than technicians that spend much time tracking issues such as (automotive, mobile, technical support, etc.,) 


Module Features:

-follow the issue and provide solutions. 

-provide subsequent steps to handle the known issues. 

-provide several solutions to the same issue. 

-check the validity of the solution with the members beside providing substitutions. 

-define the most suitable path to solve the issue based on the previous members' feedback. 

-the ability of adding illustration with images for every tackled step. 

-recommend alternative solutions if the current ones fail to solve the issue. 

-record all the steps followed by any member in a log. 

-notify the admin in case any member fails to handle the issue after following the available solutions. 

-a whole block that allows the member to follow all solutions without leaving the current page. 


To install the module, follow the below steps: 

1- make sure that you have adjusted the store settings in the CMS control panel. 

2- From the control panel, select (tools)> then (plugins manager) as the picture below: 

All free and paid modules and plugins are showing up. 

3- install and activate the module as shown below: 

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