Edit or Delete Content


Brief: you may need to edit issues troubleshooting after being published. Editing can be tackled using the control panel or the website itself in case you are permitted to edit the published contents. 


Firstly: to edit the contents using the control panel, follow the below steps: 

1- Login to the control panel.

2- From modules list, select (Issue troubleshooting)> (List Sections) as the below picture: 

3- Press (List) icon in front of the required section as the picture below: 

A list of included contents will appear with some icons in front of each one such as replies, view, and pingbacks that shows the number of the content external URLs. 

You can view, edit and delete the content as shown in the below picture: 

-View Content on the Website: press (view) icon in front of the required one. 

-Edit: to edit the required content. 

-Log: to view the steps tackled during solving the issue. 

-Delete: press (Delete) to remove any content.

- You can as well use the icon (contents) to add step or solution to the content, and list the already existing solutions, so that you can take the required action. 

-You may use the icon (Select all) to choose multiple contents, so that you can tackle the action for them all by one click by pressing the list (Action) and choose the required action, the press (Submit) as shown below: 


Secondly: In case of editing content using the website page, follow the below: 

Enter to the content page, and press (Edit) or (Delete) icon existed beneath the content.

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