Time and Date Setting

Brief: This setup is used to adjust time and date settings and view following the steps below: 

 To manage time and date settings: 

1- login to the C Panel 

2- A side list will show up, select (settings), (Dimofinf settings) as shown in the below picture: 

3- Another list will show up, select ( date and time options) as shown in the below picture:

- Some options related to this settings will show up as shown in the below picture: 

  • Years Numbering: is the number of added years before or after the current one, that should be greater than (1).
  • Date Mechanism : is used to chooses between two view options; whether Islamic or Coptic, besides, editing months names through using general date terms. 
  • Use Hijri Names: is used to activate or deactivate the showing of Islamic months names in case of activating the Islamic date mechanism. 
  • Datestamp Display Option: is used to manage the date view selecting one of three options: 

1st option (normal) :  see the date view after selecting this option. 

2nd option (yesterday/today): mentions the term (yesterday or today) based on the correct date. 

3rd option (detailed): mention the time before a minute, an hour, a day, or a week. 

  • Date Format: choose between American or European scheme to view the date. 
  • Time Format: choose between AM/PM scheme, or 24 Hrs. one. 
  • Time Zone Offset: is used to set the time difference based on Greenwich time (GMT). It is set using this list. 
  • Enable Daylight Saving: it has to be activated in case the daylight time is the accredited one in the chosen region mentioned in the above option. 
  • Beginning of the Week: is used to choose the first day of the week; whether Saturday or Sunday.
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