Settings of Website Name and URLs




Brief: This setting enables you to control your website name along with some related settings.

To control the settings of the website name and links:

1- Login to the management control panel.

2- Choose (Settings) from the side menu then (Dimofinf Settings), as shown in the following picture:

3- A list will show up, choose (website name and URLs), as shown in the following picture:

4- The options of these settings will show up, as shown in the following picture:

 Site Title: is your website name that will show up to all visitors at the top of the browser.

Dimofinf URL: is the domain url of your website for which the program has been licensed; noting that it shouldn’t include the “/” mark at the end.

Your Domain: you have to enter your website domain name and fill in this field, for example: (

Script Name for Dimofinf Homepage: this option allows you to specify the file name that will represent Dimofinf homepage. As a default setup, its name is “index”, which is “index.php”, but for some reason you may want to change the interface file to another customized file and name it “dimofinf” or another suitable name. So, in case of changing this option, you have to change the (PHP) file name manually to (Dimofinf homepage) to fit this value.


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