Site Map

Site Map

                Creating site map for your site

Follow the path:

Dimofinf Control Panel > Site Map > Generate

  1. You will see a list of all Dimofinf CMS modules and the number of the added contents to each module.
  2. You will also get an option to set selection priority with many choices to suit your site needs.
  3. You will also get an option to set the maximum number of contents in each created file.
  4. You can also add any additional links in the “Extra Links” box such as links to additional pages or others, to be included in the created file.


Press “Submit” to generate the map.


You will get this message


The site map was created successfully

Now please go to the file “robots.txt”, which should be located in “public_html”, edit it and add the following line after the last line in it (in case you didn’t added it previously, but make sure that the link didn’t change)

sitemap: http://www.Domain.Ltd/sitemap.xml.gz

Taking into account that Domain.Ltd represents your domain



Now you have to follow the directions and go to the file “robots.txt”, and add the link of the created file so search robots can find the path of the file in your site when visiting your site and indexing the site links, these robots will update your site index according to the new created file.


Now suppose you don’t want to wait for search robots, and you wanted to inform search engines that you have a new update or new additions (notice that you should had already updated the file “robots.txt” you got from Dimofinf CMS)

What will you do?

You send the site map you already created to search engines from the path:

Dimofinf Control Panel > Site Map > Send

Here you can choose the search engines you want to send the site map to, then press “Submit

By this you updated your site index in these engines in speed way.

Note that some of these engines require that you already have a registered membership with it to accept this way of sending.

To register your site in Google

You can review the following tutorial:


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