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I have a server from another company, can I request a new server and transfer the data to you?


I have a server from another company, can I request a new server and transfer the data to you?

Dimofinf provides website transfer service for its customers, by transferring their hosting from another provider to Dimofinf Servers, Dimofinf hosting team is obliged to provide best services to transfer the customer data, making sure of speed and safety of transfer, in all cases website transfer service is a free added service when reserving hosting service in Dimofinf, Dimofinf is not obliged to offer this service in all transfer cases since some providers does not offer a suitable data transfer method, this make it harder for our hosting team to do it, and in some cases it is impossible. Making sure of the compatibility of the site before transfer and safety of files and databases after transfer is the customer responsibility in the first place.

After 30 days from reserving hosting service in Dimofinf the customer has no right to request any data transfer to his hosting in Dimofinf, but he has the right to request data transfer service as a paid service for one time only.

Free data transfer service is offered for Unlimited Hosting and Semi Dedicated Servers (SDS) with 30 days eligibility and for one time only.

But is offered continuously and freely for Dedicated Servers with Advanced Server Management, for Dedicated Servers with Default Management it is offered as paid service.

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