What is meant by Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)

What is meant by Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)?

BMR stands for Bare-Metal Restore, it does not have any exact Arabic equivalent, but we can call it Comprehensive Restore, this is considered the most important feature of DimofinfBS service.

BMR means restoring whole partition with all its contents, or restoring whole hard disk with all its partitions.

As in the case of hard disk corruption of the customer’s server and losing all the data, we mean (the operating system, programs, hosted sites together with their files and databases).Using BMR you can restore the server to its latest backup state, you can also restore single partition in case this partition got corrupted.


In case you want to restore all the hard disks and partitions of the server you should already save at least one backup for all the hard disks and partitions.



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