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Free Backup Service Introduction


Free Backup Service Introduction

Dimofinf backup service (DimofinfBS) is provided free of charge to all Dimofinf shared hosting customers, it is provided with full features, and runs on servers with high level of performance and security.

All shared hosting plans and even special offers which happens from time to time, includes free account for DimofinfBS to secure customer’s site data, and make the ability to restore a backup when needed an easy task.

Dimofinf backup service for shared hosting customers is done in two parts:

  • Backup the site files and databases (in the form of uncompressed files, and every site is completely separated from all other sites)

  • Rebackup the internal backups ( every site in the form of a directory that contains all site data including files, databases, account settings, and some cPanel settings of the account, this kind of backup is considered a complete package that is ready to restore the whole site).

Note that this backup contains daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Backup Times:

  • Files and databases: Daily (keeping the previous day backup)

  • Rebackup of internal backups: Weekly (keeping the previous week backup)



  • You can login to DimofinfBS control panel using the same data of your site cPanel.

  • You can also restore your site data by yourself, without the need to request this from technical support.

  • Database restore needs hosting support department personnel to be done

To Restore a Database:

Open technical support ticket directed to our hosting support department, and show in details which database you want to restore, and whether you want a complete restore or only some table restore, one of our support team will instantly help you.


 This applies to Dimofinf shared hosting service customers only


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