Development Mode

In case you want to modify the design whether through CSS or JavaScript or something like that, and you want to see the modifications immediately, you can set the site to the “Development Mode”, after activating the mode any modification you will do will appear immediately in the site, the cache will be bypassed immediately and the files will be requested every time from Dimofinf servers.

Activating the Development Mode

Login to the cPanel then press the “CloudFlare” icon

Then choose the site you want to activate the mode on and press “Statistics and Settings” besides it

Then press “Click here to enable” besides “Development Mode

When the state changes to a date and time instead of “Off” this means the mode was activated

Note: Development mode will be active for 3 hours, and then it will be auto deactivated if you didn’t deactivated before the end of the 3 hours.

Deactivate the Development Mode

To deactivate the development mode repeat the same procedure, and press

Click here to disable

Once you disable the mode the site will return to operational mode.

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