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Add/Edit Sections

Add/Edit Sections

The News Library is characterized by many features, some of the most important features are:

- The ability to create infinite number of main sections and subsections

- Full control over the way of displaying the sections and their number (in single row, in single page, in the home page, and in the left menu)

- The possibility to have multiple pages in the news library and its internal sections.


  • To add a new section to the news library follow the path:

Additional Modules > News > Add Section

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Parent Section: Allows you to set the section as a main section or a subsection (child of already available section).
  2. Title: Type a section title that suits the section content
  3. Description: Short description for the section contents, displayed under the name of the section.
  4. Picture: Upload a suitable image for the section from your machine, it will be auto resized to the preset dimensions in the general settings.
  5. Supplement: Choose “Yes” if you want to add the section as a news supplement instead of a normal section.
  6. Meta Description: Type the Meta description for this section, which is used by search engines to index your site in a better way.
  7. Meta Keywords: Type the Meta keywords for this section, which is used by search engines to index your site in a better way.

Press “Submit


  • To edit or delete the section follow the path:

Additional Modules > News > List Sections

All the library sections will be displayed in a table and besides each section there are 4 icons which are:

  1. Edit: To edit the section details.
  2. Delete: To permanently delete the section.
  3. Add: To add new content to the section.
  4. View: To view the section contents with the ability to edit or delete them.
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