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We specialize in all fields of information security such as Security programming, vulnerability assesment, information security management, system protection ... and a lot of different systems

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Web technologies have evolved in recent years and have become associated with all our daily uses and services. With this advancement and significant adoption, we have also exposed the security risks associated with these apps

Check your site now to ensure that your site, your data, and your customers are protected

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing is a simulation process in which professional information security engineers try to test the quality of applications and the possibility of penetration or not by looking for security vulnerabilities and errors that could enable the hacker to access information or permissions that are not "supposed" to be accessed.

Why do we need penetration testing?

With big developments comes the big mistakes. We now live in a world that changes every day, and with the great expansion of technology and a lot of services related to this technology that we use on a daily basis, we share a lot of information that falls on these sites and technology to protect them, so we must always work to ensure that information is protected, whether personal , private, customers or visitors information

Testing Mechanism


Information Gathering


Vulnerabilities Assessments


Information Analysis




Report Preparation


Test various vulnerabilities and logic vulnerabilities according to their latest ratings

Provide complete reports of problems and proposed solutions to solve them

Free Firewall

The test does not need to see the site's code

Free SSL Certification

Do a manual and automatic search on the site to reach the best result

Not changing any information or content on the site during the testing period

Our Team Participated in Protecting

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