Ajel Bar Plugin


Brief: this plugin allows you to display a news scroll at the top of the website, where titles can be shown sequentially, such as the satellite channels news footage. You can as well display unlimited numbers of titles managing the speed and form. 

Firstly: Ajel Plugin Settings: 

1-Log In to the control panel

2-From the setting list, select (Plugins settings) as the below picture: 

3-A list will show up, choose (Ajel settings) as shown below: 

The below setting options will show up: 

-Ajel Bar Title: enter the bar title that is shown on the homepage. 

-Total number of Ajel contents displayed on one Page in control panel List: set the number of contents displayed one one page, any more contents are shown on new numbered pages. You can execute it by pressing plugins>ajel bar> then list. 

-Total number of Ajel contents displayed on website: set the number of news pieces shown in the ajel bar on homepage. 

-Background Color: set the background colour. 

-Font Color: set the font colour of the news shown in the bar. 

-Ajel Bar Speed: there are three speed types from which you can choose whether the bar speed is (fast, normal, or slow). 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 


Secondly: Adding contents to the Ajel Bar: 

To add content to the Ajel bar, follow the below: 

From the control panel> select plugins>Ajel Bar> then add as the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 

-Title: write down the content title you want to be displayed in the bar. 

-URL: enter the content link to which the visitor is transferred to after pressing the title. 

-Active: press (yes) if you want to publish the content once it is created, or (No) if you want only to add it and publish it later. 

-Stop Ajel content: set the date when the content stops being published after it is added to the Ajel bar. 

Press (Submit) to add an event, or (Reset) to re enter new data.


Thirdly: To list, edit, or delete contents, follow the below: 

From the control panel> select plugins>Ajel Bar> then list as the below picture: 

The below picture will show up: 

-Edit Icon: is used to edit any Ajel content.

-Delete Icon: is used to delete any Ajel content.


Fourthly: The plugin displaying method on the website: 

Once the new are added to the plugin, the Ajel bar will be displayed at the top of the website.  

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