Adding Sub-membership


How to add sub-account from your Client Area?


  • Login to your Control Panel in Dimofinf website with your email and password.

  • Choose (Contacts) from Home Page.

  • A new list with the title (Choose Contact) will be displayed, then enter your full sub-account data.

  • From Email Preferences:

When enabled, messages will be sent to the sub-account email.

  1. General Emails: Receives general announcements and password reminders.
  2.  Product Emails: Receives order details and license data.
  3.  Domain Emails: Receives renewal invoices, new domain reservation approval, etc...
  4.  Invoice Emails: Receives invoices and billing reminders.
  5.  Support Emails: Receives technical support tickets notices.

When you finish editing and adding data, press (Save Changes).

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