Dimofinf Settings


Dimofinf provides numerous options that enable you to manage your website and make it more unique without any need to edit codes. 

Dimofinf Setting allows you to manage the below: 

1- Enter the required website name that will be displayed on the interface and seen by visitors. 

2- Enable or disable options in a way that fits your website, as you can enable or disable plugins, searching, URL shortening, cache, notification, contacting modules, etc., 

3- Close the website and display a message for the visitors stating the closing reason. 

4- Forbid displaying certain words. 

5- Block selected IP, or e-mail. 

6- Human verification, and protecting from smaps, in addition to other features to setup the human verification image or text. 

7- Temporary cache that contributes with seeding up the website. 

8- Adding welcome message. 

9- Adding (CopyRight) in the website footer. 

10- Manage the attachment size and number. 

11- Control the image dimensions and accuracy. 

12- Adding keywords, and website description that helps in the SEO. 

13- Managing watermark to protect the website content from being copied.

14- Activating desired styles and layouts. 

15- Controlling sending and receiving emails options. 

16- Manage editor and BB codes options.

17- Setting date, time, country upon what suits the website, adding to activating Hijri or Gregorian date. 

18- Enable memberships registration with desired options. 

19- Manage the profile options and settings. 

20- Link the website to the store to upload the recent addons. 

You can manage all of that and more without editing any code by following the steps below: 

From Cpanel> Settings> Dimofinf Settings and the below options will show up: 



Press (All), and all settings will settings will display at the same time. 

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