Date and Time Options


Brief: This setup is used to adjust time and date settings and view following the steps below: 


In order to manage this setting, follow the below tutorial: 

From Cpanel, select Setting> Dimofinf Settings> then Date and Time Options as the below picture:  

The below settings will show up: 

Year Incrementing: number of added years after the current one. 

Year decrementing: number of added years before the current one. 

Date Mechanism: is used to chooses between two view options; whether Hijri or Gregorian. 

Datestamp Display Option: choose the displaying form (normal, detailed, yesterday/today) 

Date Format: choose one of the international forms. 

Time Format: choose between AM/PM scheme, or 24 Hrs. one.

Time Zone Offset: is used to set the time difference based on Greenwich time (GMT). It is set using this list.

Enable Daylight Saving: it has to be activated in case the daylight time is the accredited one in the chosen region mentioned in the above option. 

Beginning of the Week: is used to choose the first day of the week.

Press (Edit Settings) to save.


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