Turn Options on and off

Brief: This setting allows you to enable and disable some properties of the CMS such as enabling and disabling the CMS, cache, and more.

To control the settings of the enabling and disabling options:

From Cpanel, select Settings> Dimofinf Settings> then Turn Options on and off as below: 

The below settings will show up as the picture below: 

Activate Dimofinf: is a choice between enabling and disabling Dimofinf CMS; noting that in case of disabling it,

Reason For Turning Dimofinf Off: the message that will show up to the website visitors in case of choosing to deactivate the website.

Activate Search: is choosing to enable or disable the website search engine.

Activate Plugins: is enabling or disabling CMS plugins and styles.

Activate URL Rewriting: is converting URLs system from (php) to (html).

Activate Short URLs: is choosing to enable or disable the short URLs system. To shorten URLs, you have to activate the URL rewriting option firstly.

Activate Short URL Followed By Title: to activate the short URL followed by an address property, you have to activate the short URLs and URL rewriting options.
Enable PHP tags: to activate or deactivate using PHP code in tags. 

Enables converting Views display, for example, 1.4k: to activate or deactivate displaying views in thousand formula. 

Activate Cache System: Dimofinf cache system is very advanced and it is recommended to reduce the load of the hosted server.

Caching Timeout: is the remaining period of cache in minutes before deleting it, and it should be more than 4 minutes.

Activate Bookmarks: this option allows you to enable or disable displaying publishing websites department in the content page. 

Update Views Immediately: if you activate this option, it will allow you to update the number of views immediately after each new visit.

Update Views By Session: if you activate this option, the number of views will be updated per session for each person, not per update of the content page.

Activate Contact Us: is activating the (Contact Us) form on the website.

Activate Tags: is the ability to enable or disable keywords inside contents.

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 

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