Notifications and SMS Setting

Brief: this setting enables the admin to activate/ deactivate the messages, the website notifications and other settings. 

To edit messages and notifications settings, follow the below tutorial: 

From the Cpanel, select settings> Dimofinf Settings> then Notifications and SMS Setting as the picture below: 

The below settings will show up: 

Activate Notifications: is used to activate or deactivate the notification displaying. 

Time to get latest notifications: is used to set the turnaround time of getting notification by seconds. 

Activate SMS: to activate or deactivate SMS. 

Time to get the latest messages:  set time by seconds to get the latest messages into inbox. 

Alert Sound File: choose the alert sound after receiving a new message. 

Number Of Members in SMS List: is the number of users that will be shown in the SMS list. 

Number Of Messages in SMS Show: is the number of displayed messages in each conversation. 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 

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