Domains Data


In case of receiving a note from (ICANN Organization) that the domain data should be updated, as incorrect ones could lead to domain cancellation or withdrawal by ICANN Organization (which is responsible for organizing and managing domains worldwide), please follow these steps precisely to modify the domain data:


  • Please login to your Control Panel in Dimofinf website using your email and password.

  • A new menu will be displayed, choose (Domains).
  • A list of your domains will be displayed on the page, choose (Edit Contact Information) beside the domain that you want to edit its data.

The data page will be displayed including (3) forms:

Type the required data correctly, in English language, and don’t forget to validate your email address.

1- (Registrant):

This is the most important form, as it shows that you are the domain owner who sends EPP code requests, and the one who approves the domain transfer if needed.

2- (Admin):

This form is about the domain general administrator.

3- (Tech)

This form is used to contact the domain technician.

After filling in these 3 forms, press (Save Changes). Thus, you have finished updating the domain data.

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