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Brief: this plugin allows you to add a block to your website displaying your recent tweets, and you can add the recent website contents to your twitter account as well.


Firstly: settings: 

1- Login to the control panel

2- from the side list, select (settings)> then (plugins settings) as the picture below: 

3- the settings list will show up, choose (My Twitter settings) as the picture below:

The below page appears:

General Settings:

-Enable My Twitter Plugin: activate or deactivate this plugin.

-Use same account: enables you to use the same account name. 


My Twitter Get Last Tweets Settings: 

-Enable Getting Latest Tweets: activate or deactivate getting the latest tweets of your twitter account to the website block.  

-Twitter Username: enter you twitter account name. 

-API Key: the application key on twitter website. 

-API SECRET: the application password. 

-ACCESS TOKEN: the access provided to reach your twitter application. 

-ACCESS TOKEN SECRET: the password of the access token. 

-Number of tweets to display: set the number of tweets to be displayed on the website. 

-Test Connection to Twitter : this feature allows you to test the connection between Dimofinf CMS and twitter to ensure the setting and getting tweets. 


My Twitter Post To Twitter Settings: 

-Enable Posting To Twitter: activate or deactivate publishing the website contents on twitter account. 

-Post published content only: activate this option, so only published content on the website can be posted on twitter. Pending contents are not exported to twitter account. 

-Enable adding Twitter name to published content: activate or deactivate publishing your twitter account username to the published posts on the website. 

-Twitter screen name: enter your twitter account name that is used to publish contact. 

-API Key To Post: enter twitter API key that is used to publish posts. 

-API SECRET To Post: enter twitter API secret that is used to publish posts. 

-ACCESS TOKEN To Post: enter the access used to reach your application on twitter. 

-ACCESS TOKEN SECRET To Post: enter the token secret used to reach your application on twitter. 

-Test Connection of posting to Twitter: this option enables you to test the connection of posting after adjusting above settings. 

-Title Max Length: the maximum number of letters used for the published content. 

-Max number of errors to display per page: the maximum number of errors displayed in each page. 

-Max duration for keeping errors logs: the duration after which the history is deleted. 

-Modules to Twitter: select the modules in which the plugin is displayed. 

Plugin Codes: ensure adding #title#,#url# as first and second variable, #twitter_name# to add twitter to the selected modules, and #img# to display pictures. 

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