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Brief: this plugin enables you to remotely upload files on other servers, like FTP data that allows you to upload data on another server and make use of Google drive, dropbox, amazon, and azure. 


Firstly: settings: 

1- Login to the control panel

2- from the side list, select (settings)> then (plugins settings) as the picture below: 

3- the settings list will show up, choose (Moxiemanager Enterprise settings) as the picture below:

The below page appears:

-Enable MoxieManager Enterprise: to activate or deactivate the plugin. 

-MoxieManager Enterprise Folder: is the name of the folder that exists on the server.

-MoxieManager Enterprise Language: choose the language used for the plugin. 

-Disable tools from the user interface: choose the tools you want to display. 

-Enable Generating Thumbnails: if you activate this option, any uploaded picture will be resized to be smaller. 

-Max upload size: set the maximum size of the uploaded file. 

-Auto resize images?: activate this option, so all uploaded pictures will be resized automatically to the next set dimensions.  

-Max Image Width: set the maximum width of the uploaded pictures. 

-Max Image Height : set the maximum height of the uploaded pictures. 

-Auto Resize JPEG Quality: set the percentage of the picture quality. 

- Googledrive Client_Id: enter the client ID on Google drive. 

- Dropbox Application id: enter the client ID on dropbox. 

-AmazonS3 publickey: enter your publickey on amazon. 

-AmazonS3 secretkey: enter your secretkey on amazon. 

-Azure account: enter your account name on azure.

-Azure sharedkey: enter your sharedkey on azure.

-Ftp Config: enter the FTP data to be able to upload files on the required platform. 

-Enable Overwriting: enable this option to be able to update any previously uploaded file. 

-Enabled Plugins: choose the plugins you want to show in the file manager. 

-Allowed Extensions: enter the allowed extensions to be uploaded through this plugin. 

-Max number of favorites: set the maximum number of faviourts if the plugin is activated. 

-Max History: set the maximum number of stored files if the plugin is enabled. 

-Folders in contents folder: are the plugin folders included in a folder named “contents.

-File System Rootpath: is the used path to upload files. 


Secondly: edit and use the plugin:

- File Manager main page: 


- Create folders in the file manager: 

- Upload folders: 


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