Brief: this plugin allows the members to invite their friends via email to register on the website.


Firstly: settings: 

1- Login to the control panel

2- from the side list, select (settings)> then (plugins settings) as the picture below: 

3- the settings list will show up, choose (Invitation settings) as the picture below: 

The below page appears:

-Enable invitations: to activate or deactivate the plugin. 

-Allow registration only for users with hash invitation codes: this option allows only invited persons to register on the website. 

-Validity Period: set the number of days which after the validity of the invitation will expire. 

-Invited Members User Group: choose the users group to which the invited person will be added after registration. 


Secondly: how is the member using the plugin: 

The member can send and list invitations by following the below steps: 

1- Login to the website homepage. 

2- Press (edit profile) from the admin list. 

3- Select “invitations”. 

4- All the sent invitations are shown whether they are used or not.

5- To send a new invitation, press “invite friend”. 

6- A new window with the below data is shown up: 

-By Email: choose this option if the invitation is sent by email. 

 -Manual (copy & paste): this option refers to the invitation code is sent to the member manually without mailing. 

-Email address: enter the email that the invitation is sent to. 

-Message: enter a message to be shown to the invited person. 


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