Introduction and Definition of the free service

DimofinfBS is totally provided for free for all shared hosting customers in Dimofinf; beside activating all the service features and enabling the service on servers with a high level of performance and security.

All shared hosting plans and even the special offers presented occasionally include a free account in DimofinfBS for securing the customer’s website data and facilitating the ability to restore a backup when needed.

The backup for shared hosting customers in Dimofinf is divided into two parts:

  • Copying the website files and databases (in the form of uncompressed files and each website is totally separated from the other).
  • Re-copying the internal backups (each website is in the form of a folder including all the website data of files, databases, account settings and some data of the account cPanel. This backup is considered as a full package that is ready for the full recovery of the website); noting that this backup includes daily, weekly and monthly backups.

The backup is occurring at the following times:

  • Files and databases: daily (keeping the backup of the previous day).
  • Re-copying the internal backups: weekly (keeping the backup of the previous week).

Additional Information:

  • You can login to DimofinfBS control panel using your website cPanel data.
  • You can also restore your website data by yourself without requesting to do that by the technical support.
  • Restoring databases requires the intervention of the hosting support team.

To restore the database:

Open a technical support ticket directed to Hosting Department, and mention precisely which database you want to restore and whether you want a full recovery or a specific table, then a member of the support staff will help you immediately.

Note: This article content is only applied to shared hosting customers in Dimofinf.


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