I have a server at another company, can I order a new server and transfer the data to Dimofinf?


Dimofinf provides websites transfer service for customers by transferring their hosting from another provider to Dimofinf servers. The hosting team is committed to provide the best services for transferring client’s data and ensuring the safety and speed of the process.


The websites transfer service is provided as an additional free service when you reserve a hosting service from Dimofinf, but Dimofinf is not obligated to provide this service in all cases; because some other service providers do not give a smooth way of data transfer. Thus, This makes it difficult for the hosting team, if not impossible, in some cases. In addition, the client is primarily responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the website before transferring and the integrity of the files and databases after transferring.


  • After reserving the hosting service from Dimofinf and exceeding (30) days, the client isn’t entitled to request any data to be transferred to his/her hosting at Dimofinf, but he/she is entitled only to request the data transfer service as a one-time service.
  • The free transfer service is provided for shared hosting customers with a 30-day maturity as a one-time service.
  • It’s also provided as a free and continuous service for private servers with advanced management, but provided for private servers with regular management as a paid service for transferring only.




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