Brief: these objects were known before as “system”. You are not required to redefine them, noting that in order to recall them in a function, you will need to define it as global at the function beginning, for example, global $dimofinf,$tpl



It is the main object in this script, as it is considered as a father of other objects and matrices as explained below: 


This object is designed to deal with the database. It includes different functions to enable you to fully control all dealings with the database. 


This function is used to cleanup input (data) of the script. It uses the below function to cleanup the inputs:


{* php buffer start *}

{* php buffer end *}


Varname includes the column name that is required to be fetched, it is consisted of the below session table: 

sessionhash : the hash number of the session. 

userid :Membership number ( if it is a member), or (0) is it is a visitor. 

host : the host IP. 

country : the country which this IP belongs to. 

last activity :The time of the last activity in  Unix Timestamp format. 

styleid :the ID of the website style. 

loggedin : It is 0 or 1 to determine whether the visitor logs in to the website as a member or not. 



This object is designed for the blocks files. It is automatically defined after recalling the mk_template function that will be explained later. 


This object is used in hook and its points  that will be explained later. 


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