Linking the Website Email to Outlook


This tutorial is for Outlook 2007


1- Go to Tools, then choose Account Settings.


2- Press New, then mark the checkbox (Manually Configure Server Settings).


3- Select (Internet E-mail), then press the button (Next).


4- A page with the name (Add New E-mail Account) will be displayed, please fill in the fields with the required data.


  • Your Name: the name you want to show up to the receiver.
  • E-mail Address: your website email, for example: ([email protected]).
  • Account Type: choose POP3.
  • Incoming mail server: it should be as follows: (
  • Outgoing mail server: it should be as follows: (
  • User Name: it should be as follows: ([email protected]).
  • Password: the email password.
  • Require login using Secure Password Authentication: mark this checkbox.

5- Press the button (More Settings), then choose (Outgoing Server).

6- Mark the checkbox (My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication).

7- Select (Use same settings as my incoming mail server).


8- Choose (Advanced) from the top sliding list.

9- Mark the checkbox (This server requires an encrypted connection).

10- Type (465) in front of (Outgoing server), then choose (SSL) from the drop-down list.

11- Press the button (Ok).


12- Now test the linking process when the message (Test Account Settings) shows up; and when the message (Congratulations ! All tests completed successfully) shows up, it means that the linking has been completed successfully.

13- Press (Next), then (Finish).

Note: if you want to use the secure (encrypted) connection, please use the server host name instead of your website domain, for example:



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