Linking an Email to Zoho Mail

Zoho is one of the largest email services providers, such as, google apps, and more; but what distinguishes it is that providing free 10 email accounts with a lot of email complementary properties, and supporting mobile applications and desktop programs.

1- Press the button (Sign up) for registration.

2- Fill in the fields with your data until a message is sent to your email, press the verification link inside it.

3- Follow verification steps by downloading (verifyzoho.html) file, then go to FTP Accounts or File Manager in cPanel to create a folder with the name (zohoverify) and upload the file you have downloaded to this folder, then press the button (Verify).

4- And so you have successfully verified your website on Zoho, let’s add your email accounts.

5- To direct your email to Zoho servers, login in to your cPanel and choose MX options to be set, as shown in the following picture:




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