Brief: you can test your website if there are settings or PHP options that have to be activated. 


1- Login to control panel

2- From the side list, select (Tools)> then (Diagnostics) as shown in the below picture: 

The below option will show up as below: 

Upload: this test is designed to edit any (PHP\Dimofinf) features, so uploading files is working well. To start testing, attach a small-sized file and press (upload); noting that the file is not saved as it is only a test. 

Email: this test is aiming at testing any required edit of Dimofinf options or PHP settings, so CMS is able to send emails. To start testing, enter the email address and press (send email) as the picture below. 

System Information: this is not an exact test, but a helpful tool to track the server outage. If you want to acknowledge (MySQL Variables, MySQL Status, or tables status) select one of them and press (submit) as shown below.  

Folders\ Files Permissions: this test is to determine whether the folder or file permission is needed to be corrected. Press (submit) as shown below.  

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