Adding Usergroups


Brief: the below steps will show how to add new membership groups with selected permissions

1- Login to the C Panel 

2- From side list, press (Usergroup Manager) then (add) as shown in the below picture: 


3- Select a usergroup to set the permissions, then press (Go).  

4- Enter the new group data: 

  • Title: is the group name that will be shown in the CPanel. 
  • Description: some notes related to the group in order to be memorized.   
  • Usergroup Title: the title located below each member name. 
  • Username HTML Markup: HTML form can be used to format a beginning and an end for the name in order to decorate the member name. 
  • The maximum number of allowed invites for the group: is the limit of the invites number. 

Moving to managing the group permissions: 


The activation of Dimofinf editor of BB codes: 4


1- Allow Html: this option allows HTML codes (it is not recommended to be used, and to be provided only for the trusted members. 

2- Allow BBCode in Dimofinf: it allows to use BBCode in all forums like (html,php,..etc.,) in case of being activated from all Dimofinf settings. 


3- Allow Basic BBCode:   







[b]bold text[/b]

[i]italic text[/i]

[u]underlined text[/u]

4- Allow Color BBCode:

[COLOR]: it enables to edit the colour of the highlighted text. 

[HIGHLIGHT]: it enables to edit the background of the highlighted text. 


5- (BB Code) Size allowance: 


 [SIZE]: it enables to control the text size. 

 6- (BB Code) Font allowance: 


[FONT]: it enables to edit the text type. 



7- (BBCode) alignment allowance: 


  • [ALIGN]: is used to set the alignment, whether ( right align, center align, left align) 
  • [JUSTIFY]: is used to set the sentence width. 
  • [LEFT] : this code is used to align the sentence left.  
  • [CENTER] : this code is used to align the sentence in the page center. 
  • [RIGHT] : this code is used to align the sentence right. 
  • [INDENT] : is used to set the indent. 


8- Allow List BBCode: 

- [LIST] : is used to set a bulleted list. 



9- Allow Link BBCode: 


  • [URL] : is used to create a hyperlink. 
  • [EMAIL]: is used to create an email address. 

  • [COMMENT] : this code allows to use a comment URL by putting the comment number after the sign (#) 
  • [CONTENTLINK] : this code enables to recall a content link that was previously added to a module. 




10- Allow PHP BBCode:


  • [PHP] : allows to view the PHP code in the content. 

11- Allow Multi-Media BBCode


  • [POEM] : this tag is used to set the poem forum.  
  • [FRAME]: this tag is used to execute a frame for an external page inside the current used one. 
  • [SITECODE] : this tag is used to execute medie like video or audio.
  • [MULTIMEDIA] : this code is used to insert and display multimedie inside the content such as pictures, video, flash, and audio. 
  • [CONTENT] : this code enables to insert and view live the multimedia in the content. 


12-Allow Code BBCode: 


  • [CODE]: it enables to view the code in the added content. 

13- Allow HTML BBCode:


  • [HTML] : it allows to view (HTML) code in the content. 

14-Allow IMG BBCode:


  • [IMG] : this code enables to insert and view the picture live in the content. 


15- Allow Custom BBCode:


 it allows to use BB codes that is added during the codes preparation.


16- Allow Canneds:


(in case of being activated from Dimofinf settings) 

This feature is used to save frequently used sentences that can be selected as ( an essay introduction or a conclusion)


17-Enable Wysiwyg Editor:

(it is activated from the modules settings): in case of installing wysiwyg editors to valid plugins in the store


Other features can be installed upon the requirements . 




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