Adding Users


Adding users tutorial:  

1- login to the C Panel

2- From the side list, press (Users’ Manager), then (Add) as shown in the below picture: 

The below form will show up , fill in it, and save as shown below: 

User Profile: 

  • Display Name: is the profile name that will be shown in all features.  
  • Username: the name used to login. 
  • Password: is the membership password that is used to login.  
  • Email: is the email address used for sending and receiving messages. 
  • User Title: is the title shown under the member name. 
  • Gender: select the member gender (male/female)
  • user Group: the group to which the member belongs, that will specify the member’s permissions. 
  • Verified Account: this feature enables to approve the membership as a trusted one such as the main memberships of the large sites. 

Edit Profile Options: 

  • Public username: is used for URL of the member’s profile page shown in the browser

 for example, 

  • Default Style: is used to define the shown style for the member. 
  • Default Layout: is enables to define the display diacritic shown to the member. 
  • Time Zone Offset: set  the proper time for the member’s city , or an equivalent location of meridian in case of not mentioning a certain city.  
  • Enable Daylight Saving: if the approved time is the summer one, the summer time should be activated, so that the right time will be shown in(news, articles, comments, etc…,) 
  • Country: choose the member’ country that will be shown in his profile. 
  • City: the city that the member belongs to. 
  • Phone/ Mobile: is the member’s contact number. 
  • Date Method: is used the shown date to be Ismaic or Coptic. 
  • Use Hijri Names: if the chosen date mechanism is Islamic, press (yes) to show the Islamic months names. 
  • Beginning of the Week: is used to set a day on which the week starts. 
  • Homepage: is the favorite page link. 
  • Biography: the brief mentioned in the resume beginning that does not exceed (140 letters). 
  • About Me: detailed overview about the member. 
  • Facebook ID: The member’s Facebook profile. 
  • Twitter ID: The member’s Twitter profile. 
  • Yahoo ID: the member’s yahoo email address. 
  • Skype Name: the members’ Skype profile. 


Image Options: 

  • Avatar: enables the member to choose an avatar. 
  • Upload Image From Your Computer: it enables to upload a picture with no need to use an avatar. 


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