Adding Colony


How to add a colony? 


1- login to the C Panel

2- From (colony management) list, press (Add ) as shown in the below picture

3- (Add colony) template will show up as below: 

The template is explained in order: 

  • Title: The shown name of the colony ( it is recommended to be short, compatible with the context, and free of punctuation). As It would help in search engines. 
  • Section: is the name of the content section included in this colony. 
  • Type: is used to set the colony type. 
  • Max Sections To Display In Each Row: in case the type is a template, the sections numbers should be set in order to be viewed properly. 
  • Width: it enables to select a certain pattern for the created colony. 
  • Title CSS Class: it enables the colony template to be viewed using a special style. 
  • Contents CSS Class: is the style of the colony content in the template. 
  • Table Cell CSS Class: is the style of the cells included in the colony table. 
  • Show First Section: is the section status. In case the section status will not be shown currently, choose (No) and it will not be shown on the CMS interface. 
  • Status: This option is used to set the colony status whether to be; “published or waiting approval”.  
  • Display Order: it is used to keep the colonies to be in order.  
  • Publishing date: is used to set the publishing date. 
  • Activate publishing date end: In case of choosing (Yes), another option will show up (the suspension date); on this date, the colony will be automatically suspended. 
  • Add new line after this colony: it adds a <br> or new line after the colony end. 
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