Match Events Coverage


Brief: you can cover the match events and details including goals and warning cards, etc.

Cover the match events by pressing the button (cover) that show up when you list the added matches from (leagues and championships) item as the picture below: 



Or by following the below steps: 

Select (matches module) from the modules list, then (match events coverage) as the picture below: 

The below template will show up: 

-League or Championship: choose the league or championship which this match belongs to, noting that you had have to the leagues previously. 

-Match: choose the match you ant to cover its events.

-First team Goals - Barcelona: enter the number of goals scored by the first team. 

-Second team Goals - Real Madrid: enter the number of goals scored by the second team. 



-Team: enter the team that this event belongs to. 

-Minute: enter the minute when this event occurred. 

-Event: from the dropdown list, choose the event related to this coverage: 


-Player Name: enter the player name that got the card or scored a goal. 

-Player Number:enter the number of the player.  

Note that the added details will show up in the control panel at the bottom after pressing (Submit) as shown in the below picture: 

The event is shown on the website match page in a tab under named (Match Events) as shown below:


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