Adding Content

To add new content: 

1- login to the C Panel 

2- From (content management) list, press (list) as shown in the below picture:  

3- press the orange icon (Add) in front of the department in which the content will be added  as shown in the below picture: 

4- A new template will show up, fill the required fields and then press (Send) as shown in the following picture: 

The template is explained in order: 

  • Type: select the type of content that will be added. 
  • Section: select a section in which the content will be added. 
  • Title: The shown address of the content ( it is recommended to be short, compatible with the context, and free of punctuation. As It would help in search engines. 
  • Content: The text that will be shown on the website. 
  • Suggested Tags: Some key words are suggested referring to the address (it is not necessary) to choose the whole suggested tags, as the selection process is tackled automatically depending on the search engines. So that, it is an advice to select those key words carefully. 
  • Tags: is a step to help in the search engines. 
  • Image: is an option that enables to add a picture to the content. 
  • Table Cell CSS Class: it enables to choose a certain department class or type in order to apply a certain proper style. 
  • Width: is used to set a certain width for the content template. 
  • Status: This option is used to set the content status whether to be; “published or waiting approval”. So that, to display the content, choose “published”. 
  • Publishing date: it is used to manage the content date that is shown on the website. 
  • Display Order: it is used to keep the contents in order in each department.  
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