Add Company Branch


Brief: This module allows you to add the company branches, working hours, contacts, and location on the map. 

Add Branch: 

You can the company branch by using the website interface or the CMS control panel. 


By using the website interface, enter to the modules list and press (branches)> then (add). 


Follow the below steps to add branch using the control panel: 

Select (Company Module) from (Modules) list, >press (Company branches) > then (Add) as shown below:

In both cases, the below template will show up: 

-Name: enter the company name. 

-Working hours: set the branch working days and hours.  

Note: if (Enter detailed working hours is deactivated), the working hours will be logged using a box. 

-Contacts: enter your communication system such as (phone number, email, etc). 

-Description: enter more details about the branch. 

-Select branch location from map: set the branch location on Google Maps, so your customers can reach you easily. 

Press (Submit) to save, or (Reset) to enter new data. 

Edit or Delete branch: 

This action can be tackled using both the website interface or the control panel. 

On the interface, there are two icons shown to the website admin; (edit & delete). 

From the CMS control panel, follow the below tutorial: 

Select (Company Module) from (Modules) list, >press (Company Branches) > then (List) as shown below: 

Beside each branch, there are three buttons (View, Edit, or Delete). 

View: transfers you to the branch page on the website. 

Edit: transfers you to a box where you can reset the branch date. 

Delete: allows you to delete the branch completely. 

You may (Select all), or choose certain branches and press (Delete) at the bottom of every page. 

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